Error message when registering

[Cannot register a postal code] On the Applicant registration page, there was a problem with the zip code input field. The program system did not recognize the postal codes of some countries correctly, resulting in an er […]

Put the letters “Move” in the poster!

Please make sure to include the letters “Move,” the theme of JISPA 2021, in your poster. This is not in the title, but in the design of the poster. Without this, your entry will be disqualified. It can be jus […]

Applications open today!

JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2021, an international poster competition for students, is now open for applications. All students must be high school students or older, regardless of nationality or age. We are […]

Applications open on 1 May

The JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2021 website has reopened today. The submission period is from 1 May to 31 July. This year’s theme is “Move”. We are looking forward to receiving many submis […]

JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2021

Theme: Move Application Priod: 1 May – 31 July 2021 Jury: Taku Satoh(Jury President), Jonathan Barnblook, Rika Eguchi, Na Kim, Kei Matsushita, Kashiwa Sato, Yong Wu   *This JISPA2021 website is scheduled to be […]

Announcement of Runner-up works

[Applicant’s Name / School / Title]  – Abe, Shouko / joshibiartuniversity / Carcass – ARAI, HIKARI / Fukuoka design school / Collecting and Looting – Asai, Hinata / Tama Art University / Japanese color, […]

Exhibition Information

JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2020 Exhibition Exhibition Period: 25 November – 7 December 2020 Opening hours 10:00-18:00 / Closed on Tue 1 Dec / 10:00ー15:00 on Mon 7 Dec / Last admission 30 minutes before clos […]

Grand Prix work

ZHAO, Wenxin / Tama Art University / Don’t put a price tag on me     * Click here for the award winning works announcement

Shipping of Selected works

The secretariat will not contact you individually about the status of your shipment. We will only contact you if we do not receive it or if there is a problem with the posters.