The Japan Graphic Design Association protects its obligations as a business operator handling personal information and treats all personal information pertaining to the operation as follows.

    1. When receiving your personal information, we will inform the subject directly of the purpose of using that personal information and obtain consent. Also, when using the personal information received, we will do so accordingly within the scope of that consent.
    2. We will not share the personal information you provide with any third party unless we receive your consent directly and unless we have received a request detailing legal obligations from judicial or administrative agencies based on laws and ordinances.
    3. If there is a deletion, alteration or amendment of personal information on the grounds that the contents are inaccurate, we will conduct necessary investigations without delay, and based on the results, correct the information within a reasonable period of time.
    4. We will pay close attention to the handling of personal information and thoroughly enforce rules of conduct for Professional Members and administrative staff who are in charge of the office, the steering committee, other committees and district business, etc.


Purpose of using personal information

    1. Confirm registered user information
    2. Correspondence regarding submitted works, receipt of application fee and judging results.
    3. Correspondence regarding the awards ceremony.
    4. Send e-mails regarding the activities of Japan Graphic Design Association.
    5. Other purposes related to JAGDA International Student Poster Awards to the extent necessary for its operation.


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