Error message when registering

[Cannot register a postal code]

On the Applicant registration page, there was a problem with the zip code input field.
The program system did not recognize the postal codes of some countries correctly, resulting in an error.
The error has now been fixed, and registration is now possible.
We are sorry for causing inconvenience.


[Cannot register your work]

We received an inquiry from a user who had entered all the information correctly on the work registration page, but was unable to register the work due to an error message, and could not figure out what was wrong because the specific details of the error were not given.
When there is a deficiency in the details, an error message is usually displayed in red and the specific problem is indicated.
If you get an error message without that specific point, it may be due to the “Concept” text.
Some combinations of certain characters may be misrecognized by the server’s security service and rejected.
In that case, we will need to modify the system program to handle allowing text submissions, so please contact us if you are experiencing similar problems.

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