To All Applicants

  • Any work that plagiarizes and/or copies another creator’s work (except for those surpassing 70 years after the creator’s death) is considered copyright infringement and not eligible to apply. Additionally, any work that incorporates and/or modifies parts of another creator’s work (as aforementioned), including those intended as satire and/or parody, may also be considered copyright infringement. Therefore, if referencing another work, it is mandatory for applicants to provide further information on the referenced work under “Design Concept”, including its creator’s name, medium (where it was published), year of publication, and the purpose of incorporation/modification. Lacking to provide this information will be considered as plagiarism and/or a copy of another creator’s work.
  • Applicants are responsible for making sure that their work do not infringe another creator’s copyright before making a submission.
  • Should JAGDA determine that a submitted work infringes another creator’s work, its selection and/or award will be cancelled and forfeited, even after they have been confirmed and publicly announced. The same applies to any work that infringes on the portrait rights and/or moral rights of others.

Request for Teaching Staff in Charge

  • If your student is making a submission as a part of your class activity, please be sure to review the information above and thoroughly check with your student that the work does not infringe the copyright, portrait and/or moral rights of others. Please know that even if the submitted work gives an impression of being similar to another creator’s work, having commonality in the idea alone will not be considered copyright infringement.


If you have any questions about the contents of this page, please contact JAGDA International Student Poster Award Secretariat(